About Nancie Hines

My art is organic-abstract born from within me.  How it comes through is a mystery: The art just comes when I stand in front of my canvasses and begin to paint.

In 2017, I enrolled in a Jungian webinar: The Emerging Feminine in Turbulent Times. I learned the way out of oppression was through my own creativity and I began to paint in acrylics.  Until then I had been a watercolorist, and had not painted in years.

Another significant moment in my journey that spring was unwrapping acrylic brushes used by my mother 50 years ago. I had carried her brushes with me whenever I’d moved – San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Albuquerque, Portland, never thinking I might use them.

The energy I was feeling was not watercolor energy. It was strong, visceral, gut energy that could only be expressed in thick acrylic.  I bought red, blue, and yellow primaries, mixed them on my kitchen table and began.

The abstract paintings that came forth were closer to who I truly am than the watercolors were.  I found my medium, my brushes, and myself as an abstract painter.  I feel like I’m honoring my mother and most importantly, myself.